We are a virtual US/UK beat combo specialising in Alt-Alternative music comprising Louden Kliehr & Phil Calland who formed in December 2015 after meeting on Facebook. 

Phil writes edgy melodic anthems and Louden pens personal yet socio-political lyrics and we have been seeking this musical partnership throughout our long lives! Punk in ETHOS, Punk in ATTITUDE, but we create songs in unique and interesting hybrid genres. We promise each song will be very different from the last! 

Our 1st release, “Home For The Holiday” was a Xmas single c/w traditional bell chimes. 

Our 2nd, “Bleach on Black”, is a driving, dark, brooding, indie anthem, whereas, our 3rd “Let’s Get On Like All Get Out”, has a Clash-inspired indie dance groove. 

Our 4th, the “Cut The Rug” Remix of “Let’s Get On Like All Get Out” was inspired by watching the funkadelic Chic at Glastonbury 2017

 Our 5th, on RodHot Records, “Without Windows” is a jarring cacophony of discordant frustrations 

We are writing & producing our 1st album, “The Broom Bastards” for release in The Fall of Whenever! 

With an 8 hour & 8,000 mile distance between us, we write & record across The Pond over Skype, often at 5am GMT. 

We embrace technology to collaborate, create and KICK ASS like a CONTAGION!