Name: Told But Not Listening (TBNL) aka Louden Kliehr 

Position: Voice, Guitar, Song Creator 

Location: East of Oakland &  Berkeley CA USA 

Age: 60 in 2019 

Relationship Status: On hold, intentionally. 

 Influences: Sound, Voice, Words--Elvis Costello, Graham Parker; The Clash/Joe Strummer; Pete Townsend; Springsteen, Screwed Up Love History; Deep physical pain; punk rock 

Fave musician: Joe Strummer

Fave singer(s): Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, Otis Redding, Roy Orbison, Patsy Kline, Fur Dixon, Beki Straughan 

Told But Not Listening is a solo project of Louden Kliehr. The songs for this project  are separate from what is done with REFACTION.

The idea is to be a guerilla street performer. Playing live wherever is possible, for free.

At this time the project uses 22 original and 5 covers (from Parker, Garbage, The Smithereens, Bob Marley, Little Steven Van Zandt, The Clash) with at least

a dozen more near completion. Was originally in a mostly garage band, Short Ropes, between 1982-1984 (Voice, piano, harmonica, co-creator) 

Find TBNL at: